jueves, 15 de mayo de 2008


Manuel is working as an accountant. He began working at Droguería Michelson (a pharmacy) in October, right before we got married. A couple of months ago he was promoted. I think he also has a fairly good work relationship with his boss. Although he is one of the youngest employees, he is treated with respect. I think this is because he works well, does his job with precision, and does not mistreat his coworkers. He also has the benefit, now, of having the internet in his office. This makes his job a lot easier, so that he can have access to numbers that change daily as well as numbers from past months. I would explain the statistical importance more if I really understood it... but I don't really get all of it. I understand him when he is explaining things to me, but I certainly couldn't call myself an expert on the matter.

I am working as a logistics assistant for an importation firm. We import parts and equipment for big machines. Among our clients are Codelco (the largest copper mining company in Chile... and I believe that it is also the largest in the world), the Panama Canal, BHP Billiton (they've got mines, too), etc. The down-lo is this. Joe Miner needs a bearing for his mining equipment. He sends a request out to the people on the supplier list with the information about the brand, part number, etc. We have two companies that we represent from the United States (Motion Industries and GL General Industries.) We determine which of these two companies has the part Joe needs and we send a price request. They send it back. We answer Joe. If Joe buys it, we help with that process, too, and help make sure Joe also pays for the part. That's it. I am involved in the international sales, that is, companies that are not in Chile (clients in Peru, Panama, Argentina...). I also do translations for work and am the receptionist. Now you know what I do. It's going well for me and at the end of this month I will be renewing my contract... this time an indefinite time as opposed to a trial period. =)

We recently had the missionaries, all four that are assigned to our ward, at our house for lunch. We made black bean enchilada casserole, (chicken) fajitas, pico de gallo salsa and guacamole. For dessert, chocolate icecream with fruit. But there was only one who opted for the fruit. Oh, and we had tortilla chips, too. We enjoyed the meal, as did the missionaries. I think Manuel may have enjoyed it better were it not for the jalapeños in the enchiladas and the zucchini in the fajitas (he probably steared clear of them while making his own fajitas.) It was a lot of fun to have them over, and Manuel and I were delighted to be able to do something special. It was awesome.


Manuel está trabajando como contador ahora. Él empezó a trabajar para Droguería Michelson en Octubre, no tanto antes de que nos casáramos y hace un par de meses que le dieron una promoción (así se dice en español?) Yo creo que él tiene una relación laboral buena con su jefe. A pesar de ser uno de los trabajadores más jovenes, le trata con respeto. Yo creo que eso tiene que ver con la clase de persona que Manuel es. Trabaja bien, cumple bien con sus responsabilidades, y no maltrata a sus compañeros de trabajo. Ahora también tiene el beneficio de tener accesso al internet en su oficina. Eso le hace más fácil, o por lo menos más cómodo, el trabajo para que pueda acceder números que cambian a diario además que números de meses atrás. Yo explicaría más de eso, pero la verdad es que no me entra todo el significado de las estadísticas que Manuel tiene que ocupar todos los días. Simplemente hay detalles que me escapan. Yo puedo entenderlo cuando Manuel me lo está explicando... pero yo seguramente no soy una experta en el tema.

Yo sigo trabajando como asistente de logisticas en una oficina de importaciones. Nosostros importamos de dos companías de los EEUU (Motion Industries y GL General Industries) para clientes en Sudamerica que necesitan repuestos para maquinas grandes (como Codelco, el Canal de Panama, minas por BHP Billiton, etc). Lo que pasa es que el Pepe Minero necesita un rodamiento, entonces nos manda una cotización con la información de cual rodamiento le hace falta. Vemos cual de nuestras representadas lo tiene y le mandamos la cotización. Respondemos a Pepe, quien decide comprarlo o no. Si sí, nosotros ayudamos en el proceso de hacer la compra y asegurarnos que también Pepe paga. Yo veo lo de compañías extranjeras (Perú, Panamá, Argentina, etc.) Además, realizo traducciones y soy recepcionista. Ahora sí saben lo que hago. Al fin de este mes renovamos el contrato, cambiando de uno definido a un indefinido. =)

Recién disfrutamos de haber tenido los misioneros, los cuatro que están asignados a nuestro barrio, en la casa para almuerzo. Hicimos enchiladas de porotos negros, fajitas (con pollo), salsa pico de gallo y guacamole, con chips de tortilla. Para el postre, había helado chocolate con fruta. Sólo uno se atrevió a comer el helado con fruta. Disfrutamos del almuerzo mucho. Los misioneros también. Manuel quizas lo habría disfrutado un poquito más si no fuese por los jalapeños en las enchiladas y el zapallo italiano en las fajitas (sin embargo yo estoy casi segura que igual intentó evitar poner zapallo italiano en sus fajitas al armarlas). Fue muy divertido tener los misioneros en casa, y nosotros estuvimos muy entusiasmados al poder compartir algo especial. Fue genial.

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Shellee dijo...

You done got real good jobs because you R edgumacated! See Karla, now you really have to translate. Glad you aren't a "Chandler" anymore. (From friends?) E-mail me if you don't understand.

Maria dijo...

Hi Karla! This is Maria, Michelle's friend. I think I know which artist you were talking about. My guess is that is was Michael Buble. I would check him out on I-tunes, listen to a sample of his music, and see if it was the same artist...even if it wasn't, he is excellent and I would highly recommend him. =)

Bree & Lance dijo...

Hey! I am so glad that you commented on my blog because I couldn't for the life of me remember your blog and I couldn't find it when I tried to search. I will add it as a favorite so I never lose you again!!! It sounds like you guys are doing great and I loved seeing pictures of you two! You look great and I like the facial hair Manuel has going on.